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I've just had a client ask about integrating EDI communication from their customers with an FMP system that we've been building for them.

I've not had to undertake this sort of work before and I'm wondering if others out there have done this and what their solutions looked like.

Plugins? Third party solutions?

The solution is in FMP 8 and is operating on XP mahinces. (We develop on Mac in 8 Advanced.)

I appreciate any information that people feel like providing.

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Hey Lee,

Thanks. Its nice to be here.

I'm not an expert on EDI at all and I'm really just trying to find my way at this point, but...

EDI, Electronic Data Interchange, is the means by which large national retailers (Target, Whole Foods, Bed Bath and Beyond, and many many others) exchange purchase orders, acknowledgements, shipping labels, advice of shipment, and other documents with their vendors.

My understanding is that much EDI structure has now migrated to XML, but I'm unsure about this. I've been told that it's fairly complex. Though it seems like it should be merely a matter of parsing the data.

I'm curious if anyone has any experince with FMP and EDI that they might like to share...or some pointers about good sources to learn more.

Thanks again,


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EDI is just a generic term. What you need is info on the structure of the EDI file that is being used. Once you have that you can work on the export and import routines so that they will produce a file in that format.

The problems start when they want to automatically extract data from FM or push data into FM. You'll need to work with FMSA and write an intermediate app that they can call and that will perform the finds in FM and produce the output.

But before all that, you just need more info on the specifics of their data exchange.

In general terms: yes FM can be part of an EDI setup.

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This topic is 5694 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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