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HTML Email [Finished-8]

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Solution / :) HTML Email

Description: This solution is a example solution shows how to send Formatted HTML Email from Filemaker.

Working Under: 8

Solution Status: Finished


Author(s): Debabrata Pati

Date: 05/12/06


Instructions / Other Info:


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By using the funtion GetAsCSS you can instead convert plaintext in a field to HTML. In that way one can type or capture field values in plaintext and then formate it as you want with the text formating tools within Filemaker and convert it to HTML right before sending the mail. I only got some problem with the Arial font in that conversion. It shows up in the mail with another font.. All other fonts works fine so I don´t know if it´s a bug in filemaker or in Outlook..?

Also note that later versions of Outlook will put a line abow the inserted HTML body. Earlier versions won´t (the one included with Win XP works fine).

Attached file works with Windows. Mac user need to make some minor changings. Take a look in the script and you will see what´s need to be done.

This is a different approach for sending HTML formated mails then the example file attached by Debabrata Pati. The choice of name for the file I attached was a little bit stupid since it´s not based on Debabrata Patis example. But I am lazy so I leave it with this note and won´t attach a new file with a different name.


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The problem is not actually the "arial" font. I guess Arial must be the default font in your filemaker application. So when it converts to css no font tag is taken. So when you open the same mail in mail client it shows you the default font for the mail client. It may be same or diff than arial.

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