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using email links in fields?


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is there some way to make a field contain a hyperlink with different text than the link itself?

i'm working on converting a membership database to a layout that i can import as a table for a web-based directory. i would like an email field that simply says, email me, but is a link to the members's email address.

the files we currently use for the web tables are in excel, which quite handily covers this task, but i'm really trying to get our data streamlined into one format. i'll be outputting for dreamweaver.

here's a link to the current tables online to see what i'm talking about:


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what about this:

You will have an email field with the actual address.

Then you will have an email button field which will have a script attached. So that the email button is a calculation:

If(Email field ≠ ""; "Email Me"; "")

Then the script would send an email based on the Email Field

If(Email Field ≠ "")

Send Mail[To: Email Field]

End If

Would that do it?

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i just played around with it a bit and according to the script wizard, send email is not a web compatible function, so i'm not sure i'd be able to use it on our web directory.

good idea though...perhaps there's some other way to make it work. i'm really rusty at this and scripts give me a headache to begin with.

i think part of the problem is that dreamweaver seems to only import table data as .csv files. if someone knows a different way to do it, i'm all ears!



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This topic is 5685 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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