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What happens to globals on networked solution?

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A lot of the navigation techinques within my first multiuser solution depend upon global fields. A user may go to a layout and work there for awhile before returing to the original layout (or some other layout). Where you came from is stored in a global. That's how the solution knows where to return to when the user hits the "Return" button.

What if someone else uses the same global during a wait period? Or in the middle of running a script that depends on a global. If all users shared the same globals, then this would make my solution behave totally eratically! Have I totally screwed up?


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I've similar problem, i've some global number fields and i've a script that I run every day for updating purpose and it stores (Set Field)datas on those global fields for that particular day. but this new data will appear only in my comuter not in others computer, to do this i've to ask all user to close their file then i've to go to define fields once. then only other user can see new data on their file once they open the file again. and another thing after running that script if I close that file I'll also loose those new data. then I'll have to run that script again.

any body have any solution please.

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This topic is 5678 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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