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Dynamic Value List

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In Filemaker Pro v5

I want to have a dynamic value list in one layout based on the data

entered in multiple fields in a different layout.


One FMPro database file.

Each record in the database contains info on a different football team.

In one layout there is a separate field for each player's last name.

In another layout I want a pop-up menu listing all the last names of the


It is simular to the "get value from field" option but instead of

creating a value list of all entries in one field from all records in a

file, I need a list with the entries in multiple fields in one record.

Is this possible?



Bryan Porter


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I was trying to do something earlier before but like you couldn't get it to work.

The solution I finally went with was to create a seperate database which has two fields, which in your case would be team and player name. Then link this to your other database on the team name. This way you can generate a value list based on team in the main database. Also to get all the names of players of a particular team to display on the layout, create a portal based on the team relationship.

I hope this makes sense, let me know if you need clarification.


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Yes, I would recommend the use of 2 files as it simplifies keeping your records current when/if players change teams. But......sure, if you truly want to create a dynamic list comprised of the contents of designated fields in one record you can do it.

1. You need a field that will always have a unique value for each record (SerialNbr)

2. Define a self relationship (SelfUnique)


3. Define a calculated field (Concat) to get a text result from surname field contents (separated by "returns") - Surname1 & "

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This topic is 8802 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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