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Calculating a list with fields from a related database

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I need help with how to create a field containing a list of items from another database.

I have two databases SUITES and SETS.

The relation between them is a 1-N relation with SUITE_ID::SUITE_ID so that I can get a list of all the sets in a particular suite.

I can of course show the sets in a portal in the SUITE db, but what I want to be able to do is to export the list of sets together with information for each suite. I have tried just exporting the related fields, and they all are there, but the format is wrong.

When I do the export I want the output (in TAB-format) to come out something like this:







suite about stuff

list=set1, set2, set3

more info about suite

So what I'm looking for is, I think, some way to create a calculated field that can add all sets matching the SUITE_ID, putting a comma between them.

Is this at all possible?

Any pointers are deeply appreciated.


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No problem.

Create a value list based on the target field in your related file, be sure to make it based on the relationship. Next create a calculated field equal to the ValueListItems of the value list created. All the data from the field in the related file will be there in CR delimited form. You can Parse this in any way you want

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This topic is 8741 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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