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Help Tracking Reports Due and Done?


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We are operating 13 group homes and need to track reports produced by several case managers. I want to be able to print 2 lists of reports

1. by case manager's case loads.

2. by individual client.

The reporting schedule is: an initial case plan is due in the first 30 days and quarterly case plan updates thereafter. All quarterlies are calculated from the intake date including the first one. So it goes Initial 30 days, first update 60 days later and updates every 90 days thereafter.

The list will include the case manager, client's name, admit date, and (from the printing date of the list)

reports due with the number of days till due

reports overdue with days overdue

I have done this before using a repeating field for the reports and another repeating field for the date each report was completed and showing the entire matrix on the print out. I would prefer not to have all of the past completed reports and future reports listed...Only those due in the time frame specified by the user (next 30 days, 10 days etc.) and all that are overdue.

I already have a working Client file and a Reports file. I just don't know how to get them to work this out together.

This really has me stumped. I could really use the help

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This topic is 5672 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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