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Retaining subsummary info in report


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I have a database that I am trying to produce a report from. I have a report form set up with subsummaries to sort the data.

What I am trying to do is to get counts of the number of records in the subsummary as a whole, then just display a subset of these records. For instance, count the number of all red shirts, blue shirts, and green shirts as subtotals, and have these numbers print on the report as a subsummary header. Then display individual shirt data for the set of red shirts that are short-sleeved only, then for the set of green short-sleeved shirts, etc. The total number of individual records will be less than the totals displayed in the subsummary, because I am omitting long-sleeved shirts.

I can get the subset of records to print correctly, but once I start omitting records for the report, I cannot have it retain the subsummary header information: "Red shirts, 10 total, 0 short sleeved, 14 long-sleeved" is kind of what I am looking for. This gives a report of the total shirt inventory but only displays the individual records of the found set.

I hope this makes sense. If anyone has ideas for me I'd appreciate it!


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Summary fields total based on the current found set. One way to ignore the found set is to use a relationship to total the records. Try using the Count function across a relationship to count the records of a certain type regardless of the found set. This will require you to create a relationship for every shirt type. Likely, you will want to use global calculation fields resulting in static text. For example, one of your calculations might read:

"Red Shirts"

Once you have all the calculations created, you can relate them to the actual field containing the shirt data. Once you have all the relationships, you can create a calculation using the Count function to total each shirt type. For example:


This is not an ideal solution but one of the only ways to get around the current found set.

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This topic is 5670 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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