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gps and filemaker


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I have a situation where I would like to make a kiosk with a map that is interactive of an amusement park. All the places I want to find in the map have gps coordinates. They are in a filemaker database. I was wondering if anyone knows how I might automate the placing of a "star" for depicting the location on the little map in filemaker. I realize this technology might exist for a web page that filemaker might address. I am just stuck and one of you might be able to help me. I have about 300 coordinates on this map. The gps is important so others may use the coordinates but I can't think of a way to automate my process of showing where that is on a map I have made. Do I have to know the boundary coordinates? I am not sure. But your feedback is especially important to me. Thanks Dave

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Hi Dave,

Interesting problem. I would think that there are better apps to do this in, but one way you could mock this up in FM8 is to put a text calculation field over the map, set to not allow entry and to be transparent.

1). You will need your boundary coordinates (but if you have a single gps point on the map and a scale, you can work these out) and then put them in decimal format in the following number fields that you create:





Then a global field "gSpace" that you would enter 50 values of 100 spaces.

Your Place coordinates in two number fields:



And finally, your textcalc "XMarksTheSpot" (unstored; text)




xmark=Round((Lat-leftlat)*xScale; 0);

ymark=Round((toplong-Long)*yScale; 0)];

Replace ( gSpace ; xmark + (101 * ymark) ; 1; "X"


You need to format XMarksTheSpot on the layout to be a monospaced font, and it will produce an X in the field over a 100 character (x axis) by 50 character (y axis) grid. You could adjust the size by increasing/decreasing the field font size, as well as altering the resolution in the xscale and yscale variables (and adjusting gSpace accordingly). You could also use a special font that would return a star instead of an x.

Keep in mind that the formula needs to be adjusted depending on what side of the prime meridian and equator you are on. I believe this one is good for north of the equator and east of the prime meridian.

Hope that helps get you started.


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This topic is 5674 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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