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Display fields in portal from related fields in another portal


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Hello everyone,

It is great to see such resources on the web for Filemaker.

As to my issue...I am trying to develope a coding system to cross-code dental and medical codes.

I have 3 databases and 2 join files


MEDAMA (join - reconciles relationship between AMA and MED Codes)


ICD9Med (join - reconciles relationship between ICD9 and Med Codes)


In the ADA table I have a layout with a portal to assign medCodes. There could be multiple medCodes per ADA code, which are stored in the MEDADA db.

I now would like to display on the ADA layout (portal) all of the icd9Codes pertaining to the related medCodes.

I've tried creating a calculation field in the ADA db that counts the occurances of related medCodes in MEDADA. This allows me to display the icd9Codes for the first medCode but not the rest. This would work if all I did was assign one medCode, but that is not the case.

If anybody can shed some light, I would be extremely greatful.

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Hi, you might want to consider upgrading to V8 since this would be much easier : showing related records from more than 1 table away is a snap (well sometimes not...). To my knowledge something like this is not possible in pre-V7. But I may well be proven wrong by some of the experts around.

I assume you have made a relationship from ADAMED to ICD9MED, based on MedID. Problem is that from ADA, you can only reference the first related record (from ADAMED) as a calculation field, there is no way (that I know of) to calculate a key with all the related ID's.

In the attached files (look at ADA), I've done it using a multi-line key which is set by a script. Hope this suits your needs.




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This topic is 5659 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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