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Creating a Script for Sorting

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I am a novice FMP user, and have a question about creating a script for sorting. In FMP6, there is a database template for Personnel Records. In "List" view, there are column headers for several fields that, when clicked on, toggle between sorting the column alphabetically ascending/descending. I have tried following the Sorting scripts in the template to make columns for additional fields, to no avail. I seem to be missing a way to define a value in the Sort Ascending and Descending scripts (for example, in the Set Field line, there is reference to the term "departmentA" in the Sort Department Ascending script) and I don't know how to define this value for other fields. Can anyone out there help me? THANKS in advance!

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Thanks very much for taking the time to answer my query. I wound up with 2 programs, an ascending and descending sort, but cannot coordinate them with a master script that toggles them when clicking on the column header (button). Tried looking at the scripts for other column headers, but again, they refer to values such as, If ["HiliteSortedBy = "firstNameA"]... which I don't know how to define. Not only that, but the other scripts cause a nice little triangle to point up or down for ascending and descending sorts, too. Sorry, probably should have specified "Beginner" not "Novice"!

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Hi, create an additional global number field for each field (column) you want to sort on. Let's call it gSortField1.

In your master Sort script, you do the following :

If [gSortField1=0]

Perform Script["Sort Ascending"]

Set Field [gSortField1=1]


Perform Script ["Sort Descending"]

Set Field [gSortField1=0]

End If

You could of course do this in one script as well, using the Sort Script step in stead of the Perform Script step



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This topic is 5667 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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