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I have problem with showing summarized data. In attachment is sample of what I am trying to achieve.

Database have users which are visiting different companies ( projects ) and do some work there ( categories ) for different amount of time. I need to summarize categories for one month ( ex: February 2006 ), how much hours users spent on each category.

I also need to input how many hours they must work to fill company requirements for month ( ex: 20 workdays, 8 hours/day = 20 * 8 = 160 ).

Then I need to show total hours they worked in selected month ( ex: 200 ), overdue hours ( ex: 200 - 160 = 40 ) and total overdue hours ( hours from months before ex: January 2006 = 35 hours + February 2006 = 40, so total is 75 hours overdue ).

I don't exactly know how to display data, is it better with relationships and sum (), or with reports? Also is important that users need to see their state of hours for each day they want and for every month back.

I attached file for better understanding, maybe I complicated things, so I need your advice...

If you don't understand some part of my problem please ask in the post.

Thanks in advance



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Ok, so you preffer reports to present data to users? And I forgot to tell that I must subtract compensation hours from overdue hours, so if there are 200 - 160 = 40 overdue hours and 8 compensation hours, overdue must be 32 hours.

Is this same procedure like GetSummary () and as brake field I put in the category (but how would fm know which category is (compensation)?). Would it be easier to do it with relationships?

Report should look like this (with my categories):

Category Hours

Working 10

Sleeping 12

Compensation 8


This month requirement 20 (entered in portal for each month on layout users)

Total hours worked 30 (from line items)


Compensation 8 (from line items)

Overdue hours 2 (30-20=10, 10-8=2)


Overdue total (year) 12 ( 12 is sum of this year all months overdue hours )

I think that I am getting close to solution and that all is just in math, but I am confused with entering required amount of hours and should I use relationship technique or report technique...

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This topic is 5669 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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