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So simple it seems a stupid question, but nowhere have I found a true answer as yet. Here is the scenario...

Computer 1 has fm5 installed with 4 relational db's. It is networked to computer 2 which has fm5.5 installed and acessing c1 via tcp/ip.

C1 is where the all the fm files reside. C1 is directly connected to a printer and has a cd-rw for backups. C2 is in constant use with all fm files open. C1 is used intermittantly for data input and other programs.

We need to take c1 out of service for intervals while repairs etc. are done.

Can we install the same fm files on c2 as well as c1??.That is, have the same files residing on both computers.

What will happen if we do? Will data input on either c1 or c2 update both sets of files? If c1 is off-line and c2 files change, will c1 update when returned on-line? It is not practical just to place the files on c2 only, and network back to c1 as cd backups and printing can not be physically controlled from its location, and the operator of c1 needs to access fm files after hours when c2 is closed down for the night.

None of the books and help lines seem to cover this, or is it just one of my brain-dead times of half-life.

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The file sets will not synchronize or update each others data. I would definitely recommend *against* running copies of the solution on c1 and c2 on the same time. This could in some circumstances confuse FM to update one file on one computer and another file on the other computer. In general, do not make available copies of the same files elsewhere on the network (or other folders) since FileMaker could find these, and then you would have a hard time telling which files were updated!

If you need to take c1 down for maintenance, move (do not copy) the files to c2 meanwhile.

Good luck!


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Thanks Daniel. I thought that would be the case. It's strange that none of the user guides and self-help books discuss this.

I have used FMP for some years now, starting with FMP3, and set up many databases.

The last one is a listing of around 30,000 books, some of which are shown on www.giant.net.au/users/bmi

Unfortunatly we can not afford to make this interactive but the listings of the historic reference collection shown are compiled by the 'export as table' feature in FMP5.

I find, in general, that FMP is a very stable and secure program and would recommend it to all.

Regards Rex

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This topic is 7443 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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