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I've been using FileMaker for quite a while, but have not done much emailing with it. I am trying to send a newsletter in pdf format. I created the newsletter in another program and saved as a pdf, then put it in a container field to send. It sends it out ok, but in the email it comes as an attachment that needs to be opened.

How can I get it to send so it will be open in the email, much like the newsletter I recently received from FileMaker?

I appreciate any help with this.


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The email you currently recieve from filemaker is simply an HTML email. To format like this properly, you would need to buy a plugin like smtp it ... i think thats the outgoing one... or Dacon's MailIt.

Because an HTML email is simply text, it is reconstructed graphically by the HTML engine in outlook or any other mail processing client. This is unlike a .pdf or .doc or .txt etc which is all in a completely seperate file structure and has to be read by a program which can convert the stuff in there into something meaningful..

The point is, your after HTML email. If you have a browse around the forums for HTML email you might find a couple of work arounds, but in my experience they dont work very well, but then again they might work for you.

Basically i recommend using a plugin.

Anyway, Good luck


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This topic is 5666 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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