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Data owned by both individual and group


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I'm having trouble wraping my head around some relationships and was hoping for some help. This post deals with data that might be related to both an individual AND a group of individuals. Thanks in advance.

Example: A tutoring organization

Mary is a student. She has two parent/guardians - Frank and Susan. Mary has a brother - Sam - Sam is not being tutored. However, we would like to keep track of siblings because they might be a source of more business.

The Family (group) has three address - home1 (the billing address), home2 (the home in this area), and location of tutoring (library)

The Family (group) has two phones - land line 1 (home) and land line 2 (fax)

Frank has three personal phones - work, cell, and fax

Frank has one personal address - work

Susan has one personal phone - cell - Is the main contact for the family tutoring needs - normally called at home but occasionly in an emergency we need the cell.

Mary has one personal phone - cell

Sam does not have a phone - He can only be reached at home - however, is very young now and will not be able to answer the phone for several years - We really shouldn't be talking to

sam at all - but if he answers the phone in several years - we'd like to at least know he exists..

Mary has tutor - Ginger

Ginger teaches Mary two subjects - Trigonometry and Physics

Ginger has three phones - home, work, and cell

Ginger is qualified to teach five subjects - Trigonometry, Physics, Chemistry, etc.

Ginger has one personal address - payment address (home)

Ginger tutors Mary at the library - address.

Ginger tutors several other students whose family structure is similar

Ginger tutors in small groups (also) example - she has 3 students that meet her at the YMCA - location address.

I think I need the following tables; however, I realy don't know how to relate them because of the group (family, small tutoring group) owning addresses and persons owning addresses, phones, etc.

(table) Person


(table) Group - Family, Organization, Small tutoring Group, (Maybe also Just a person, Individual)

(table) Address






(table) Phone



(table) Qualification

(table) Subject

(table) Assignment - Join a tutor and a student both are persons

(table) Relationship - sibling, tutor, parent, etc.

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This topic is 5654 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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