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Export Excel v. Save Records as Excel


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I have a little problem:

I have a Search Layout I use for exporting into Excel. There are two tables Category and Contacts. Category ID is the foreign key in Contacts.

If I save records via the menu command Save records as Excel - it works fine, all data from fields Category and Contact name populate all the Excell cells on the spread sheet for all the records. However, when I do a scripted button to export Category and Name, the fields do get exported, but Category shows only grouped data - Names are fine - all the cells are populated, but not Category which I would like to see populated next to the names. I have to point out that I did not group Category prior to the export. I don't really understand why the menu command Save Records as Excel populates all the data (including Category) with all the records, but it does not work with my scripted button? I really need the manually scriped Export rather than the menu Save Records as Excel because then I can choose which fields to export. The only difference I noticed between the two methods is that the Save Records As Excel has the additional tab "Records being browsed" which does not show up if I use the manual export.

I very much hope you will be able to help me?

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I'm not sure I'm understanding your porblem. I just tested the Save as Excel, and Export as Excel, and they both act the same way, whether you do it manualy, or use the Script step.

The [color:red]Save as Excel offers no way to select the fields you want to choose. The [color:red]Export as Excel does. Be sure you have selected the button to Select the output order, and chosen the ones you want.

If I have missed your problem altogether, let us know.


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This topic is 5599 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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