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Value that relates two databases dissapears on restart!


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Here's the setup.

We have multiple database files. one for inventory, one for orders, one for contacts, one for service contracts, etc.

for orders, for example, we have to enter the item numbers of the parts. There is a drop down value list that has our inventory item number and the description.

Here's the problem, we have a value for our inventory database called "active", if it is set to yes, then it is an item we are using, old previous items are set to no obviously.

Since inventory is not related to our order database. We have created a variable list in the order database. It has a field called "active" in one record - and we have it set to yes

we are using that to relate it to the inventory database. Now when the value list drops down, it shows the list of items we are currently using. (we set up the value list correctly - it works properly)

however, when the program is restarted on that user's machine, the variable table that has the active = "yes" is reset! it deletes the "yes"!!

the record doesn't get deleted, the field simply gets cleaned out!

so it messes up our relationship and that breaks the value list - it doesn't even drop down - until the user retypes "yes" into that field.

Is this a bug? whats the problem

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Sounds like your "active" has been defined as a global. If so then this is the correct behaviour under hosted files as the content in global fields is always "remembered" as what it was then last time it was set when not hosted.

You could set the global with a script on start up or close the server, open the file in FMP and set the field, then close the file and restart server.

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This topic is 5652 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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