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XML Import Error


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I receive a bank statement in XML format and when I try to import the file into FM, I always get this error :P

"XML parsing error: Expected end of tag "Meta".

I am new at working with XML files and would really appreciate if someone could help me figure out what is wrong.

I have attached the relevant files.



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I'm afraid there is quite a bit wrong. The xsl file you have is for formatting the xml as an html web page. It is completely useless for importing into FileMaker. You're going to have to build your own xsl files. I say files because your xml is nested.

Right away there are multiple DTM elements, with content. That may or may not be a "child" table; which means another xsl file, and another import. I can't really tell, partly because I have little idea what any of this stuff is. Banks are notorious for using their own codes names for xml elements. Which makes it hard to tell what the data is "in real life."

There is one other problem, which is major. Because the data is nested, therefore separate imports, you will need a central ID to tie the children to the parent. If that data exists anywhere in the xml data, you'll be able to get it into each import. But I could not see such an ID right off. Kind of hard to tell.

[ If there simply isn't such an ID, there are more advanced methods to use the xsl command "generate-id()" to add IDs to the original xml file (sort of like Replace, Serial ID in FileMaker). But this is tricky. You'd have to use within the xsl, or rewrite the original file using command line (or something). It's kind of over my head at the moment; anyone knowing the xsl method please feel free to jump in :P-]

These xsl files will get you started. There's a lot more to do.


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This topic is 5656 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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