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Set Field Copy from 1 Table to Another?

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This is probably pretty easy, but I am new to Filemaker and could use some help.

I have two tables with the same fields. One table is used to validate the field. Once validated, I want to copy the contents of the field into the Master Table.

Validation Table___________Master Table


Name ---copy entire contents> Name

address -copy entire contents> address

I want to write a script that will copy from the validation fields to the Master fields (same names) after a user validates the information. I beleive Set Field is the best method for this. I cannot figure out the calculation to select the entire contents of the field in the Validation Table to copy.

set field [master table::name;validation table::name = ???Calculation to get all validation table::name contents???

I think this is right except for the calculation to get all the field contents.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.


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If you really want to do the above, take a look at the replace function. You could find the records ready to copy the field and then replace them.

I would wonder if you should look at your database structure. Why enter data in one field and then copy to another when a relationship would be better. F'rinstance, in my database I have a Patients, InsuranceCompany, Provider... tables that all need addresses. I then have one table for all the addresses with one field that identifies if for Patients, InsuranceCompany or Provider... as well as the ID for each of those tables. I only need to set the validations for one table for addresses and with a relationship, any Patients, InsuranceCompany, Provider table can use them.

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I wrote something in the same spirit in the other thread where he double posted ...


...don't doublepost, the reason for hessitation could perhaps be the way you ask your question!


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This topic is 5649 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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