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Runtime Solution update process.


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Im looking to distribute a runtime that will need the data structure updating from time to time, below is a guide of how the runtime files are split.

Gui.fp7 User Interface

Client Data.fp7 Data tables(in reality there are several of these)

Calcs.fp7 Claculation Fields

The way ive thought about having the runtime updated is below and am looking for anything that you think Ive missed, forgotten or a better way of doing this in general.

Have the installer program distribute an update which.

(a) Installs an updated gui.fp7 file and a second installer file to a temp folder.

(:P The installer automatically triggers the runtime exe on successful install.

© The new gui has an opening script that

1 triggers the copying of necessary fp7 files with error checking switched on to a backup file.

2 closes the gui.fp7 file

3 on close triggers a 2nd installer program that was packed inside the original installer.

(d) The second installer contains another gui.fp7 file and data/calc files which are installed (overwriting existing fp7 files) and the new gui.fp7 file again is run automatically.

(e)The new gui again has an opening script that imports the information from the clients backup data file into the new data files.

Im also going to include a button within the gui file that will restore the orginal files from the backup if something went wrong.

Advice from you experts would be much appreciated. Thanks Stefan

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This topic is 5575 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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