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FMPSv8.03 updater hanging up

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Hey all,

I'm trying to update my 8.02 FMP server to 8.03. I did stop the server through the admin, doublechecked my services to make sure nothing was still running, and ran the updater.

45 minutes later, it was still beachballing on me without having actually installed a thing. I forced it to quit, restarted the machine and tried again.

That was 3 hours ago. Still beachballed. This is on a G4 800 mhz machine with two hard drives (though it seems to be searching the correct one) and 1G of SDRAM, both hard drives are 40 gigs and nearly empty.

I can't find any manual updating files or information and I have no idea what to do since I now have 4 FMP8.03 clients and an un-updated server. If this doesn't clear I'm going to have to reinstall FMP on the 4 clients until I can figure this out.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Edit: on the 4 clients I noticed the updater beachballed for 5 minutes or so before updating the client software, so I am guessing something is up with the installer and I haven't completely lost hope that it will suddenly wake up and actually install. But THIS long? :confused:

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ah, figured it out. in "activity monitor", I did not choose "all processes" and did not realize I was not looking at all processes. one filemaker server process was indeed still running.

Thank you, filemaker knowledge base! That was worth creating an account for.

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Yes, it seems difficult to stop the server_helperd daemon without using Activity Monitor, like you did, or running a shell script in Terminal:

ps -ax | grep [F]ileMaker

// hit enter

// finds any FileMaker process; except the grep (which is running)

// notice the pid number, then kill it

sudo kill 328

// hit enter

// enter your admin pw; hit enter again

// 328 was the pid in this case, but it varies

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This topic is 5654 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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