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Ok, this is driving me nuts.

Newly converted FMP5 to FMP8 solution. Lots of portals to other files, etc.

I generally have a "green button" on my portal rows to allow us to jump from, say, a jobs file with a task portal to each particular task.

Some of these simply used the "go to related record" button event, and some used scripts when I needed additional steps to be taken in FMP5.

Problem is, these two steps don't seem to work the same anymore? The button event takes me to the right record in the other file, as I expect, but the "Go to Related Record" script step does NOT take me there, or can take me there but only finds the first related script in the whole relationship instead of taking me to the exact related record the "green button" is on.

If I need to use a script (say, because I want to put a "commit records" script step in to start things off), do I need to make subscripts in the target files and crazy workarounds just to get to the right record?

and WHY OH WHY do these functions not work identically to each other?

Oddness. Thanks in advance!

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Check the INDEXING on the key fields.

I did a 5 to 8 conversion a while a go and some of the fields did not index correctly even though they had always worked before.

Have you also rectified your file references yet?

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Awesome, thank you comment. I'll have to play with your suggestion. I never thought about committing records killing focus. I just eliminated my "commit record" initial step I've been putting everywhere to make sure to avoid "already being modified" records or later portals not being updated as we fly around our DB's... and it works as it should.

Idealdata, thanks for the help too; file references are clean as a whistle (that was my first clean up task) and I noticed that indexing was on "minimal" for my join field calculations for this portal and thought that might be screwing me up, but turning to "maximum" didn't help.

I think i'm going to go through for fun and kill all my old join calculations and just do complex relationships instead. Should speed things up I think!

Thanks again guys.

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This topic is 5651 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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