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Custom Menus for different privilege sets


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We have a User privilege set, for whom we want to deny access to certain menu options, for example: Records, Duplicate Record.

We also have an Admin privilege set, for whom we want to have access to all menu options.

The default menu set in the file, and the default menu set for all layouts is the Standard FileMaker Menus.

We have a script setup in a file, like so:

If [Get ( PrivilegeSetName ) = "User"]

Install Menu Set ["Custom Menu Set"]

End If

This works really well, until we use:

Go to Layout [x]

As this effectively brings back all the menu options...

Doing it the other way around is not really an option either (by setting the default to be the Custom Menu Set, and setting up the script so that it installs the FileMaker Standard Menus for the Admin user) as this would mean that each time an Admin user wanted to use a particular menu function which was not available, they would need to run a script to restore the FileMaker Standard Menu...

We used to use a plugin for all this, but thought that with the introduction of Custom Menu Sets in 7/8 we wouldn't need to anymore.

Any thoughts at all please?

Thanks very much,


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I recommend you do use SecureFM. It is [color:red] by far the best UI control plug in and UI control approach that there is.

Depending on the privileges associated with a specific Privilege Set, users can destroy the Custom Menus with surprising ease. The problem you're seeing is caused by the fact that all navigation in the scenario your system runs under [color:red] must be scripted to include installation of the Custom Menu Set. These menu sets fall outside the granularity rules of the security schema, and that is one of their major shortcomings.


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This topic is 5626 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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