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upload records to central db


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I share a central db with FM Server 5.5.

There are users who cannot access this server once they are located outside our company network.

Therefore, I have forseen a local clone of the central db, which is a personal tool for each user. Once they are located off the company network, they open their clone so they can log new records. When they return to the company, they do an UPLOAD of these new records towards the central db.

My question:

How do I make a secure UPLOAD script?

Now I do this: the user opens his local copy, and executes this UPLOAD script from there. What is it: it is an external script from the central db that executes an import of the records of your local copy.

But however this local file is open and active, you still have to point at the physical location of the file on your harddisk (in the Import script step). So if by accident, you have several copies of that file with the same name, it could take the wrong one and the wrong records are imported!! This is not safe!!

I can also leave the Select file checkbox unchecked and make the user choose the file, but even then it has its risks.

And if I would do an export from the local file, I still have to go via a physical file on your harddisk, while you just want to say: please take active window!!

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This topic is 5652 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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