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Passwords on files


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Without using the Fielmaker Server option I am looking for suggestions on security.

I currently run a database from a host PC with 4 others opening the files remotely. These files each have an account priveledge which allows me full access and others restricted access.

I am likely to have another separate database requirement soon that will be hosted by me but accessed remotely by another. If I continue in the same route, I will have to open the new database before my "slave" can remotely access. This requires another set of passwords from me to acccess.


I will spend all day typing passwords if this continues.

I have to be present to open the database before my "slave" can access.


Is there anyway to set an account or password on a file that will have a script to open all the other files automatically. I do not want the files to be accessable if they are stolen without my account passwords.

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If two files have the same credentials and if there is some sort of dependency between the two, opening the first will automatically open the second without further challenge. If you see a challenge, that means something is not properly set up.

You really should investigate FileMaker Server 8. It would simplify your life in this area. Also you may shortly hit the limit for peer to peer hosting.


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This topic is 5650 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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