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adding field to web security database

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I'm not sure the best way to ask this question so I am going to give an example.

I have about 50 users that belong to about 5 groups. I do field by field access by testing for the client's username in CDML. Is there any way I could add a field to the web security database that contains what group they belong to and test for that instead of thier user name? This would save me a ton of time setting up the in code security. Thanks in advance.


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I've only just stared using the Web Security databases. I assume that you are web-shaing the databases and using web security rather than FMP passwords (configuration in Web Companion)... in which case there aren't any "groups" as such.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the web security database is for managing individual user names. I cannot see how they can be grouped (unless the "username" is a group of course).

The user's authentication details can be defined with the CDML tags [FMP-ClientUserName] and [FMP-ClientPassword] but there is nothing for groups. Groups is a FMP access privileges thing.

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