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Script the Remote Access Data Companion check

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Okay, so here's where I'm trying to go: We're trying out some ODBC connectivity overnight to some DBs that needs to run on a machine that has a forced restart in the middle of the night. The simple trick is to get the appropriate database open with ODBC connectivity on (which doesn't appear to default or remember once you close the database) without human interaction. I've banged my head a while with Applescript and now I'm looking for some help.

Here's the questions:

1) Is there anyway to simply get the RADC to default to being "on" for a single database when it opens?

2) If not, the obvious choice (well, to me) would be to script turning it on. The trick there is how to write the Applescript that would accomplish this. Again, the obvious route would be the turn record on and do the steps, but that doesn't seem to work. Am I missing some step that would make FileMaker recordable?

3) I can get the step to actually open the Sharing dialog box, but I've got no idea how to tell Applescript to check the silly box. Prefab Player (as much as I scanned its documentation) seems to indicate that I just need to use "click checkbox" syntax, but I'm not getting that right. Anyone got any ideas?

Running FM 5.0v.3, OS 8.6 on an iMac, everything else is pretty vanilla. Suggestions, URL, pointers would be much appreciated.


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Filemaker is not recordable, unfortunately. That's why no script steps get recorded inside Filemaker. Also there are no built-in Filemaker applescript events that will directly enable RDAC.

I haven't used Prefab Player. Maybe someone else has?

What does your script look like?

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