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one-to-many relation


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I'm pretty new to Filemaker. Hope my explanation is clear enough.

I have a main database, which has the information of the company. There are 4 different smaller databases containing the restaurants, lodging, camping and golf facilities operated by these companies. The companies have unique 'Identifiers'. These identifiers are also included in the 4 smaller databases as 'Identifier of Operating Company'. The main database does a look-up for the different facilities operated by a particular company.

I have defined a relationship between the main and the 'restaurant' database matching the 'Identifer' field(main database) with the 'Identifier of Operating Company'(restaurant database). Only one record of each compnay exists in the main databse.

My problem is that when there is more than one of a facility(ex., 2 restaurants) operated by a company, the main databse retrieves only the first record from the smaller database. How do I solve this? Please help! Thanks in advance.


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Hi mlp,

To show related records of cardinality > 1, you need to use a portal on a layout.

To create a portal in Layout Mode, use the Portal Tool ( next to the Button Tool in the status area on the left of the screen).

Go to the help system, and type "portal" into the index for more details.

Good luck!

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This topic is 7672 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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