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Lisp developer Edi Weitz has created a new toolkit (FM-TOOLS) for the development of

FileMaker plugins. As an example we show a plugin which enables FileMaker

users to work with regular expressions.

FM-TOOLS is based on the 'programmable programming language' Common Lisp

which is not mainstream and thus fits very well with FileMaker.

Lisp is the second oldest programming language which is still in use

(after Fortran). Many experts consider it beeing superior to C++.

The toolkit and the plugin are freely available

under a BSD-style license which means that everybody can do with it what he/she wants.

The toolkit isn't available for download yet because documentation is not yet ready.

To develop FileMaker plugins with FM-TOOLS a copy of the Lispworks development

environment (http://www.lispworks.com) is required.

At the moment, the toolkit and the plugin are for Windows only. We would

like to develop for Mac OSX too. The Lispworks development system we use

is available for OSX as well but lacks the ability to create shared libraries.

We started a request to change this and are waiting for a response.

Download http://jensteich.de/regex-plugin

Demofile http://jensteich.de/regex-plugin/ExampleDB.zip

Mailinglist http://common-lisp.net/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/fm-lisp

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This topic is 5593 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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