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'FM-block' need for script[s]?

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Hi everyone,

'FM-block' is... I have a set of [four?] databases that I'm trying to sync.

The first 'Asset Inventory', is a source for 'product Units' this is a finite quantity of 250 types different types 'unit' that will be used on a project by project basis over a year - not all of these types of 'units' will used. But several projects could overlap. so I need to check 'stock' on all 250 units on possibly a daily basis.

The next Db would be a 'Project shopping list' where units could be 'picked' by ID# and quantity. It also has project start and finish dates and amount of days the project runs for.

I then see two other Db's being needed to link these together...

A - A 'Unit Diary' which would have project entries and Daily totals of 'Unit' numbers. So if several projects overlap their combined totals of 'used-units' would be totalled.

B - A 'Availability Calendar' that would draw the figures from the 'Unit Diary' and subtract them from the figures drawn from the

'Asset Inventory' to give a 'by-day' availability. viewable as max-min figures of the 250 individual 'units' on a weekly/monthly scale.

What I need initally, is a script to generate the 'Diary' entries as they are created in the 'Project shopping List'... Is there one available or could someone supply a sample I could use as a guide.

thanx in advance


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This topic is 5596 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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