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AppleScript results

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I have developed a snippet of AppleScript that I am calling from within a FileMaker script. The AppleScript checks to make sure that certain conditions are met regarding the configuration of the machine. I would like to be able to pass a boolean result back to the FileMaker script, which would then prompt the user accordingly.

I know I *could* pass the info back to a field, etc. of the database I am opening (the script would run on open), but I don't wanna do that.

Does anyone know an easy way to pass an AppleScript result back to the FileMaker script that contains it?

Thanks in advance.



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If you don't put the result into a Filemaker field, how do you plan to test the result in your script? Logical functions in Filemaker scripts can only test expressions based on field values. You could copy the result to the clipboard, but you would still have to paste it into a field to test it. There is really no more elegant solution that I can think of than setting the value of a global field to the applescript result.

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