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Use checkboxes to select which columns to use


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first post on the board. haven't been using filemaker very much although a lot seems somewhat intuitive.

my problem is as follows:

I have a database with 70k+ posts in a table with 8 columns. let's refer to the columns as A, B, C.. etc.

I want to be able to print the results of a search but instead of trying to fit all 8 columns next to each other on a letter sized paper with lots of redundant information if only the A column changes between the posts, I want to use checkboxes. (Or any other bright idea you guys might have).

I'd like to use 8 checkboxes to select which of the 8 columns I'd like to print. for example, If I want to print A, B, and F, I'd check those three boxes and click print which would bring me to another layout, with a nice overview, ready to print.

Is this easy to create? or should I think of another way to go about the printing.

I'm more familiar with mysql and it would be a piece of cake if my boss would let me use something else than filemaker. (Don't get me wrong, it seems great. I just don't know very much about it =) ).



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Thanks for your sample file.

However, I see that in the calculations you're using the same 'fieldnames', exactly the same name as in the define fields section.

I use a different namingconvention, with underscores, prefix and suffix.

I find it kind of weird to use those labels as columnname, like nameFirst or postCode_lu (for a lookup).

I think I have to play with the GetField() and the use of ("") around the fieldname, but don't know exactly how or what or where or when.

Care to help me here ?


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This topic is 5580 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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