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HELP Seeding Unique ID from separate Table

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I am trying to manage seeding my Unique ID with a concatenation of CreatedBy (Account Logged in) and a number from a separate seeding table rather than using the Filemaker Auto Enter functionality.

Background: I have worked in many RBMS over the years but admittedly this is my 2nd Filemaker project.

Here is my scenario:

- Multiple Individuals performing Data entry from Biz Reply Cards into single FileMaker Database (let's say tblCustomer is our main data entry table).

- Each individual must have their own sequential seeding process for Unique IDs due to the way we store our library of Biz reply Cards after they have been entered. I would like to inherit from a seed table something like tblSeed below.






The process I envision would be:

1) Sam Creates a New Record

2) RecordID = "Sam178" (The UniqueID would be the concatenation of User + NextRecordID )

3) Sam's row in tblSeed would increment by one

This is what I understand so far:

- can set a column "CreatedBy" and populate with Get(AccountName)

- Join "tblCustomer" to "tblSeed" via CreatedBy --> User

Questions that form up:

+ how to retrieve the NextRecordID value from tblSeed for the concatenation process?

+ how to increment by one tblSeed's NextRecordID value after retrieving?

I have been looking for days in the USer Groups and in books and haven't found the specifics on this.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks !!!

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I created a solution years ago in FileMaker Pro 3 that does just what you want. I just converted it to FileMaker 8.5 and it works great. It doesn't require any scripts which is nice.


Make sure you use an auto-enter serial number for your primary key fields for your structural relationships and use this technique simply for reference or supporting relationships.

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You're looking for headaches in this.

You would be better off dispensing with the overloaded field altogether, and use a combination of fields to achieve the same end (By "overloaded", what I mean is using one field [RecordID] to track more than one piece of information [username, Record's place in the User's Sequence]).

With the field storing the username, you can create a calculation (using a selfjoin relationship sorted by ID and/or creation time, and the user field) to display "SAM-178" if that's what you want. You have no overhead of a seedfile, no maintenance issues, fewer headaches.


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This topic is 5597 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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