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Problem with 8.3 DDR XML


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I'm upgrading a 10 year old application with 29 interlinked databases, 160 relationships, 330 layouts, 190 value lists, 625 scripts and over 1000 fields to FM Pro 8.3 and I want to take the opportunity to do a major Spring Cleaning before I activate the new version.

After fighting through the file references cleanup / relationship restoration phase (some file references were 8-9 years out of date), I tried the DDR. Whoops, it doesn't generate a DB like the one in 6, so I tried the html version first. Nice, lots of info, lousy for what I needed - 29 separate html files - one of which was going to be 479 printed pages. Kinda useless for a quick look up such as finding everywhere a field in a particular database is referenced (internal and external).

MY PROBLEM: Next I tried the DDR XML version, hoping I could load that into a data base. FM generated the XML files quickly, but then blew up when it tried to automatically open the report in IE, with the following error message:

[color:red]Cannot find 'C:00-FM8ConversionNewFolderSummary.xml",,-1,,,,,'. Make sure the path or Internet address is correct.

I then tried to build a database from the XML files. I didn't specify an XSL Style Sheet, figuring if FM created the file, then FM should be able to read it as is, plus, I didn't have one. FM gave me the following error:

[color:red]XML parsing error: Attribute 'name' is not declared for element 'CustomMenuSet'

Line Number: 330

Column Number: 30

Whilst reading the docs, I noticed that I shouldn't have spaces in my DB names, so I renamed all the culprits. Same results, same error messages. I removed all references to 'CustomMenuSet' from the XML file ( there were only 5 or 6) and tried making a DB again. Same message, except it said [color:red]for element 'Script' instead.

On a scale of 1 to 10, my XML experience is about .01. Any suggestions?

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Well. First, you probably should not check the "open automatically" button, since it seems to be problematic. You cannot import the xml output into a FileMaker database without an xsl stylesheet, so that's a false assumption.

Check out the ProcessDDR file at this web site:


It contains and will create the basic xsl stylesheets you need, and import the DDR xml into a FileMaker file.

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This topic is 5591 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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