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8.5 Changes font alignment on layouts

Whit Porter

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I recently installed 8.5 and found that a font (ENGRAVERS GOTHIC BT) was no longer aligned properly on the layout or fit in the fields it had fit in before.

I then opend the same file in 8.0 and all was well.

So Filemaker has changed something with 8.5, I'm assuming. Does anyone know what it is, and has there been any notice of it?

Am concerned. Thanks in advance

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Just want to let you know you're not alone with this problem. I upgraded to 8.5 this week and immediately experienced problems with Franklin Gothic Medium. Among them:

When entering a new text sting in layout mode, FileMaker didn't seem to know how much space each character required and invariably the finished entry was missing the last word -- until I manually enlarged the field.

A dozen or so fields on existing layouts mysteriously got smaller (length and width-wise) even though I hadn't touched them in layout mode.

Both of these problems have seemed to "get better" each day, as if FileMaker is learning as it goes (probably not by intended design).

But the most annoying problem for me so far is that if I change the color of text on a button using the "Text Format..." feature, FileMaker automatically resizes the button to be the smallest size that can hold the font. (I hope this is not a new feature.) I've worked around this by using the alternate method of dragging across the text to select it, right clicking and then using Text Color option.

[color:blue]BTW, I spoke to a FileMaker Tech Support person this week as was told "there is no composite list of all things that have been changed or added in 8.5 -- not even as an internal document". That's hard for me to believe. Maybe someone going to Devcon can pose the question and obtain a list.

Hope this helps.

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Well for one thing, on the third day of use it stopped dropping the last word of newly-entered text. It seemed to have learned the particular font -- although I didn't change any settings. I've thought about it a bit and all I can come up with is that some features are more "font aware" than others. So if you use a "less-aware" feature before using one of the "more-aware" features, the particular font isn't really "known".

But the problem of automatically resizing the buttons persists.

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This topic is 5598 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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