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Print script Command generating views of past entered records. Problem in relationships based on names. FMP NEWBIE!!

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Hey everyone,

Over the past few months I have taught myself FMP from scratch in order to create a database entry system for the new company I am working for. We sell custom window treatments and are looking for a way to migrate from our antiquated paper based system into the more efficient world of the computer.

Here is my problem (and I have attached the graph to make it easier to follow):(

Each individual order that gets processed may have more than one supplier providing the materials for the job. To track this possibility I set up the Manufacturer Orders table to be linked to the Contract table which handles the orders themselves. The Manufacturer Order table gets the names of the different suppliers/manufacturers from the Manufacturers table which holds records for the suppliers' addresses and phone numbers. The problem exists when I try to print an order form for that particular job's suppliers.

I have created a layout entitled Order Form Print which looks like the order forms we currently use. When you click the script button that I created entitled Print, it should take you to the exact record you are working on and display the print dialogue box to proceed. Indeed this works on suppliers where the particular record I am working on is their first time in the Manufacturer Orders Table. The problem, however, is that when I am trying to create a new record to print for a new job order with a supplier that has been entered before in a previous job, the print command simply brings you to the original record for the previous job, and not the one I want to print in the current job.

The script reads:

Go to related record [show only related records; from "Manufacturer Orders", Using "Prder Form Print" (Manufacturer Orders)

Enter Preview Mode [Pause]


Enter Browse Mode

Go to layout ["Main" (Main)]

I am also having a similar problem with the Client records in the Main table. Essentially, the main table is used to create and print quotes for a potential client (before they become a real client and get assigned a Purchase Order number). So you create a new record in the Main layout and select the newly added client from a drop down menu that is linked to the Ship_Client table which holds client info. Once again when I go to print a client that has never been entered in the Main layout before I have no problem--it prints that record exactly as I want it. As soon as I try to have a new record display a preexisting client (one that has had a quote generated on it before in a previous record) for a new quote they want, the print command simply goes to print the original record and not the new record.

I think that the reason behind these two issues is that the tables are linked via names and therefore the script finds related records based on the names. However, even though I believe I know the problem I am not learned enought to know the solution.

I know this sounds confusing, but it really is the best way to describe it (coming from someone who has learned all this in the past five months on his own). I am happy to delve into the details a bit further if anyone wishes to help! I don't know what to do from here!!




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This topic is 5594 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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