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I am doing a image database & i want to use thumbnails layout which is available in Product Catalog template but once i changed the field names, the thumbnails layout dont work anymore - only image shown, info is shown as '?' instead of original info (text/number). What can i do to make my records shown in the thumbnail layout?

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numbers sometimes show up as ? if they are too long - in this situation you need to make the field longer to display all of the information.

You can also try to set the decimal places by selecting a field and choosing format/Number

Dates do this to sometimes - i think its happened to me when i have had a script and set "" or " " to the field

text fields do not tend to do this...

Think it also happens if you have a text result in a calculation field which is set to display the result as a number.

I do not think the image itself would effect this ... but i may misunderstand you ...

if i am wrong you could always post the file or an example so it can be looked at.

hope this is useful.


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PS got to this post via recent topics ... it will probably be moved by administrator as its in the wrong place ... probably posting under layouts would be better... if you go to the forums tab and scroll down you will see it listed.

FileMaker Advisor Tips is Tips from "FileMaker Advisor" and not FileMaker Advisors per say.

mistakes happen.

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Sorry i think i was did not make it clear haha! - my image can be shown (& not affected) but the info /details that were entered together cant be shown on the thumbnails.

i've checked that the calculations, it should not be a problem.. haha filemaker is just to new to me!!

and also my checkboxes are not working either. the checkboxes are meant for the details of the image, where if the box is checked, that particular detail should be shown.

Thanks so much for the help!!



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Hi their,

I think you are perhaps running before you can walk.

I would advise going to DatabasePros.com and looking at some example files.

The technique used in this image database is quite advanced. The main techniques... Listing the items of a valueslist and entering preview mode then copying and pasting can be found there...

Thats where i first found them a couple of years back (picked them apart and now get whats going on)

The main issue with file 1 was that you has changed the name of the value list critical for displaying the fields. "Thumbnail Label Choices" so the calc had no data to look at...

You have moved on in the second file ... and its getting mucky!

Thumbnail Label Choices is back but the value list items no longer match the names of the fields they refer to.

Oh and the biggest problem is that if you create a new Thumnail Label Selections field so you can see the data inside its full of data left behind from failed attempts.

I would start with a new fresh file and do some tests... take it slow... get to understand how it all fits together ... make a change and see how it effects everything rather than going full steam ahead.

hope this helps.

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This topic is 5591 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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