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Hello everyone :smile2:

I have a Custom Value List checkbox with numbers. I am producing a number range according to which values are checked so the range will always produce 1..5 (sorted). This will be used in global variable for searching number ranges (in find script) and not (necessarily) as a field calc. And it may be used for things I haven't even thought of yet. But I wonder if I have over-complicated the calculation or approach? I doubt that I've thought of all possibilities and potential problems with it and would appreciate your ideas.

It is a very small file with only one simple calc and checkboxes. :wink2:

Oh. I realize it will break if my VL contained double numbers. This was a concept test only. I would like to consider this approach for other things (as well as double-numbers) etc. I might consider a different delimiter, or Substitution() or ?? But if variables can hold the entire find value, it will save adding a variable (at the least). And I think there are other things it can be used for. Maybe.

UPDATE: Okay, I've been taking it further. Of course it breaks on 2-digit but the alpha works a treat as well. But I feel like I'm missing something very simple here. I've replaced the file with the new one ... but only look at the top left first example and toggle the checkboxes to see what I'm talking about. Bottom center is alpha one.

Oh, also ... you can see I've done nothing with the double (or using word delimiter) yet. I won't get a chance to work on it again until tomorrow. I hope I get other ideas!



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I believe this should work on any value list:

Let ( [

sortChecked = FilterValues ( ValueListItems ( Get(FileName) ; "yourValueList" ) ; yourCheckboxField )

] ;

Substitute (

LeftValues ( sortChecked ; 1 ) & ".." & RightValues ( sortChecked ; 1 ) ;

¶ ; "" )


Note that the sorting is done by the order of values in "yourValueList". Therefore, if using a custom value list, the values in the list should be sorted (the checkbox fields look pretty weird when they are not, so this benefits the user as well).

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This topic is 5593 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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