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Shame on MS

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Most of us develop projects for both platforms...but I have to say that is really pains me that Windoze doesn't have an extensive scripting language like AppleScript. My current client...is all Windoze...and poor them...there are so many wonderful things I could script if only!!! Using DDE is just not as elegant.

Does anyone know of a Windows scripting app that I could send a DDE to and control the machine?

BTW...I recently put my PC into the closet...doing my cross dev in Virtual PC with Win 2000 and XP...running 3 OS's at the same time is fab.

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You can do the same on PC as on Macs and usually 10 times faster in execution, but sure it is more complicated. I do not fancy to go through all that VB stuff and more. Mac made me lazy smile.gif

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