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Possible to use web form to upload image to container field?

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I'm trying to do something I've never seen done with FMP yet. I have a test database with two text fields and one container field. I created a standard "website" using the FileMaker Connection Assistant. Of course, it wouldn't let me put the container field into the "new.htm" file, but I did it in GoLive with a File Browser form control. As I expected, I got nothing at all in the container field when I actually ran the page with the Web Assistant.

So, how do we get images from users, and load them into the container fields in our web-enabled databases? Do we have to do something REALLY esoteric like write an applet that handles the data stream and then moves the xferred file into the container field?

Has someone written a plug-in for FileMaker that does this?

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration...this one's a toughie.

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Ahhh Grashopper... you are not the first to try this, nor the first to fail.

There was a long thread on this last month, try doing a search on "file" or "upload" in the CDML or Web Companion Forums, and see if you can track it down.

I sem to remember that it cannot be done through Web Companion itself, it will need another server app/cgi thingie.

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