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Complex Find within a Find using Show

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I have a user in my office who need to do a complex Find in our very large databases using many related fields. This looks like it will take a lot of time.

Simplified database setup:

Database A contact ID, contact name, title & status

Database B contact ID, event & year

My script is as follows:

I do a Find in Database B to find specific events & years. I then switch to a layout in Database B that has only the contact ID on it and perform a copy all records. I switch back to Database A and paste into a global field. I have a relationship set up between this global & the contact ID field of Database A. I perform a Go to Related record [show only related] script step. The resulting found set is the list of contacts that attended the events I chose. This is faster than Finding on the related fields in a portal.

Anyway, I now want to Find only those contacts with specific Titles in this found set so I use the Show event found in Applescript. This works fine.

My problem is that this is for a user in my office who needs to find MULTIPLE titles in this found set. Adding to the problem is the fact that the number of titles needed is variable (it could be 3 one time but 7 another). I can script Applescript so that the user can enter these multiple titles but I do not know how to get the Show statement to use them.

My show statement in the Applescript is as follows:

show (every record whose Status =

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Personally, I wouldn't use AppleScript for this. I would mark the records that were found with your Go to Related record, and then construct the rest of the find manually using ScriptMaker to access global fields from the user's input. If all the fields being searched on are indexed, then this should be slow.


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This topic is 7080 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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