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Conditional button in layout?


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I have a container field in a table (using FM 8.5) which holds a document. I can set up a button to display the document, but I'd like for the button to only be visible in the display if there are actually contents in the container field. I can't quite figure out how to optionally manage the presence of the button in the layout. Does anyone know how this might be done? Thanks!

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it seems to me that the button will be there regardless of whether there is anything there or not - its just "invisible" or looks like a button.

If you take a button icon and copy and paste it into a global field then you can create a calculation called "Show button"

Lets say you have the field "Document" which is your container.

Create the field called "Global_Button" which is a Global Container field - insert the button into this field. Close the file and reopen it to keep the value there. if you are using fm server - you have to open the file locally - store the global and then reopen it on the server.

then create a calculation: "show_button" - which is a calculated field: if(isempty(field:document),"","global_button) - make certain that the type is "container".

then assign this field to the actual script that you want.

I do this - but use a repeating field for my global_button - and have 2 repetitions - one is a "dimmed" button, and one is a "highlighted" button - in this case the calculation changes to:


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This topic is 6452 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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