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can't find a custom function-- email "From" parser

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This must exist, but I haven't been successful at finding it.. Has anyone seen a custom function that will parse the "From" field in an email ?

"Full Name"


first name:

last name:

email address:

The tricky part is that Full Name can be

last, first

first last

first initial last

first mi. last


I'm writing something that takes a good guess at this, and realize nothing will be perfect because of the crap in crap out rule.. (if a person has "yoda" in for their full name, my function will fail.. but I want to take the best possible stab?

Am I reinventing the wheel and if so, can someone point me to it ?

thanks :)

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Something like this does the trick.. about 90-95 % of the time

to parse/guess the First Name out..

Let (


   Lquot = Position(From; """; 1; 1);

   Rquot = Position(From; """; 1; 2);

   Lbrac = Position(From; "<"; 1; 1);

   Rbrac = Position(From; ">"; 1; 1);

   Name = Middle(From; Lquot+1; Rquot-(Lquot+1));

   Email = Middle(From; Lbrac+1; Rbrac-(Lbrac+1));

  comma = Position(Name; ","; 1; 1)



     PatternCount(Name;",") >0 ;

     Middle(Name; comma+2; (Rquot-(comma+2)));

     LeftWords(Name; 1)



My situation is one where the data entry person will have to check the name anyway, so parsing this and dumping it onto a layout will be a bit timesaver.

Are there any problems with this code?

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This topic is 6471 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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