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Subsummary parts not shown on Invoice


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I'm using the tried-and-true technique of printing Invoices (and their line items) using a layout with a leading and trailing Subsummary parts and a Body part containing a single line item. The layout shows records from the LineItems table, which is sorted by Invoice_ID.

When the layout is shown in List View and Preview Mode, I expect to see a leading Subsummary part (containing customer name and address and other stuff from the Invoice record), one or more LineItems, and the trailing Subsummary part (containing totals, shipping costs, and more stuff from the Invoice record).

The leading/trailing Subsummary part definitions both specify Invoice_ID as the sort field.

But I'm not seeing the Subsummary parts at all! Just a long list of all Line Items.

  • The LineItems table is sorted by Invoice_ID.
  • I used Show All Records on both the LineItems and the Invoices tables.
  • I've checked the Subsummary part definitions - they definitely specify Invoice_ID in the "current table" - i.e. the LineItems table.

I know it's something simple that I've overlooked - I've done this before, and I even had this one working before I made extensive improvements :) . Can anyone suggest something?



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Check this out: in your post, you say you are sorting the records, and then you say you Show All Records. If you Show All Records immediately before going to Preview mode, you effectively unsort the file, which will hide the subsummaries.

The order should be:

1) Show All

2) Perform Search

3) Sort Result

4) Preview


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Here's what happened. I sorted LineItems into Invoice_ID sequence, and looped through them creating a temporary FM table which I then used as the primary table to create the subsummary report from. The temp table was in the proper sequence because it was built from an in-sequence table to begin with, but it had not been explicitly sorted - so it was still "unsorted". At least I think that's what was going on. Anyway, throwing in a Sort Records step on the temp table made it work.

Thanks for the conjectures, which got me thinking in the right direction....


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This topic is 6475 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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