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Encapsulating/Coordinating Tables in a Database


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Is it possible to encapsulate a group of FM files - i.e. tables - into a coordinated, single point of entry, application? That is, is there a way to have a group of related FM files connected so that the following things are true:

> There is only one entry point into the "application", i.e. the first file & layout the users see is always the same

> Permissions and other security features can be estabished at the application level, i.e. not on a FM file by file basis

> Scripts can be shared across all files in the application without have to re-write them for each file

> Some variables can be defined as global to the entire application

I have only used basic (i.e. not Developer) versions of FM, which are clearly not capable of any of these features. I am wondering it the Developer version provides some of these "glue" features that would enable me to produce something like an application, as opposed to a group of files which, although related via relationships stored internally in each file, have no apparent connection from the outside.

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No with the ordinary ver 7 are your forced consolidate into one file by doing it by hand, or Wim's Robot:


...while you with the binder in a dev/adv version are able to produce runtimes of the single file made solution. The networking is then crippled into a singleuser version only.

The only serious workaround this limitation is to sync'e via a third party tool http://www.syncdeck.com/ who apparently have found a tiny gap in the licensing. The tool BTW costs way more than genuine versions of filemaker! I mention this because the move to build a similar thing in xcode/applescript could be tempting, but very likley to violate licensing issues pending.

Later issues of fm provides access to a object clipboard either straight forward via labled buttons in the environment or you can intercept these dealings into a text editor - and back again.


To get an idea how it works watch this flash animation:


So all in all is the binder only for issuing samples or tasters of your skills to the jaw dropping masses, who should begin to frequent your shop, getting solutions for full versions of filemaker. (I know there are a few exceptions to this statement, but by and large....)


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This topic is 6470 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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