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Schedula Daybook - Now FREE for Personal Use

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Bozrah, CT - September 9, 2006

Life $uccess Institute is pleased to announce that Schedula Daybook is now FREE for personal use.

Schedula Daybook is professional software for FileMaker Pro 8 or later that allows you to view calendar entries in a traditional side-by-side format where a single glance is all it takes to determine available openings. A serious program for serious users, it is easy to use, yet offers more indispensable capabilities than any other program on the market.

Key features include:

* 24-hour "around-the-clock" scheduling of unlimited resources

* Side-by-side 10 or 15 minute grid times with automatic conflict checking

* Calendar groups, color-coded entries, private listings, and one-click presets

* Daily reminders, auto-repeats, availability checks, follow-ups, and date blocking

* HIPAA-compliant audit tracking and security and private network messaging

* Finds and sorts by color, holidays, cancellations, and appointments history

* Documents storage, barcode tags, integrated contacts, and online help

* Administrative controls, including accounts, privileges, and passwords

* Fully networkable with no limit on the number of guest seats

* Optional developer tools and FREE maintenance updates

* Support for large-screen displays and color printing

* Plus, much more!

Users may download a copy of the program by visiting www.LifeSuccess.org.

Life $uccess Institute has been developing custom solutions for our clients since 1985, and bar code and scheduling programs since 1988. We are specialists in creating practical software to meet the constantly changing needs of business and industry.


Press Contact:

C. J. Weigand

Life $uccess Institute

PO Box 386

Uncasville CT 06382-0386 USA


[email protected]


Copyright 2006 Life $uccess Institute. All rights reserved. Schedula and Schedula Daybook are trademarks of Life $uccess Institute. FileMaker Pro is a registered trademark of FileMaker, Inc.

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This topic is 6472 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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