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ICE Web Viewer Charting Service Demo v1 Now Available

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iSolutions, Inc is proud to announce the release of the ICEv1 Demo files. The Demo files consist of the Functions and Parameters Guide and the ICE Evaluator database. These files will assist you in using the Charting Web Service and with integrating ICE into your solutions.

The Functions and Parameters Guide details all functions available in the ICE product. You will also see the syntax requirements and parameters for each. The guide is your complete manual for constructing valid URL strings for sending data to our service.

The ICE Evaluator database contains sample records that demonstrate proper strings and a sampling of the charting styles. The file is delivered without the need of a password and users are encouraged to look at the scripts, calcs, and even custom functions in this file for your use.

The ICE Evaluator database IS NOT REQUIRED to use the ICE Charting Web Service. Nothing is required. The database is simply an example provided so you can see how ICE would work inside your solution.

To integrate ICE, all you will need to do is to follow the guide on how to generate the URL stings using the data in your solution....then add a Web Viewer to your chosen layout and send the Web Viewer your string. That's it!. No Plug in hassles, no need for other applications, no need for you to host the chart and no expensive web server software needed. You DO NOT need to know Flash, php, asp, XML, XSLT, HTML...nothing, just FileMaker. Simply compose a URL string using your existing FileMaker skill set and send it to a Web Viewer.

To download the files:

Click here: http://ice.isolutions-inc.com/demov1.zip

Note: Support available for subscribers only

For more information and to see the video: http://www.isolutions-inc.com/ice/sample.html

Subscription orders will be available within days. In the meantime, please take the time to get used to the URL string syntax and practice integrating the fully functional Demo into your solutions. You will see another Product Announcement as soon as the online subscription center is launched.

Meanwhile, experiment with the fully functional demo version for as long as you wish before deciding to subscribe.

Coming soon: ICE subscriptions will be available and the launch of the ICE TALK online community forum!

- The ICE Team


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This topic is 6466 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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