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No Serial Numbers??

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Ok. Having a very strange issue. I have a field set as my serial number. It's a number, with the option to auto-enter a serial, incrementing by one.

But when I try to replace it's now empty contents (There are many records already, but I only just added the field itself) with a serial number in the Replace Dialog, it seems to process, but the field is still left blank at the end.

I tried creating a new field, again with the same results.

I then tried creating a script which went like this:

GTRR [first]


Set Next Serial Value [invoice,myfile::invoice + 1]

GTRR [Next, exit after last]

End Loop

This also appeared to be doing something, going through each record. When it was done, there were still no serials.

I then tested to make sure numbers could be manually entered in the field, and starting with 1, successfully entered incremental numbers in the field in each record. They were maintained.

I'm using FMP7.

Can someone please tell me WTH is going on...?

All My Best,


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Your script is setting what value the table should use when it next creates a record--and not the value in the actual record. In other words, you're going through and repeatedly telling the table "when you create a new record, use the following number: " To achieve what you're shooting for, you'd need to use the "Set Field" to set the value in the record.

However, the Replace Contents command should work in this situation. What exactly are you using in the command? Check the help file on this, and use the Replace with serial numbers option, starting with 1. Then check the Update serial number in Entry Options to ensure that the NEXT record gets the next Serial (or run your script again... : )



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This topic is 6465 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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