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Multiple Records on One Screen


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I have a database that relates to another database that contains 5 competitors and their monthly spending.

Each competitor has their own record in the other database and their names are contained in the same field.

I want to be able to bring each competitors spend into a single record on a TAB layout and show each comeptitors spend.

I can bring in one competitors spend but am having a brain freeze on how to get the other brands in.

Any thoughts? Am I being to vague?


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Sorry I didn't attach my files to the original post and couldn't figure out how to attach them so I created a new post.

Attached are my sample files.

I basically want to pull in Brand and TRPs into the Parent file onto the same record.

What's the best way to accomplish this?

Thanks for any help.



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And what do you mean by a Tab layout, in FileMaker 7? In FileMaker 8 you could do the above using the Tab object. In 7 or 8 you could do layouts. Basically, if there are not more than 5 you could just show the 1st row of a portal based on the relationship (start row 1, show 1 row), then on the next "tab" start 2nd row, show 1, next start row 3, show 1, etc..

Actually, in 7 I think I'd just use a global field to hold the originating side of the relationship key, then flip it to each of the different 5 (or however many) competitors with a button.* I wouldn't create multiple layouts, 'cause it's a pain to update 5 nearly identical layouts.

The multiple keys could be gotten from ValueListItems (Get(FileName), "value list based on portal relationship"). You would then parse out the lines one at a time, with a global counter to get line 1, line 2, etc.. Of course incrementing the counter is also easier in 8, with the GetValue() function, but MiddleValues() will work in 7. Or in 8, it would be simpler to use GetNthRecord(portal relationship, 1), etc..

*Or a little row of buttons, in a portal based on the relationship. That way you'd only have a button if there was a related record at that position. In FileMaker 8, if you used Tabs, it would be a bit tricky to only show a tab if there was a related record, but it could be done.

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This topic is 6464 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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