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FileMaker and WAN systems


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Does anyone use FileMaker as a WAN based solution? I've developed a solution with 4 files, interface, reports, data and an Accounts file. Im using FileMaker Server 8.0v4 with a Cable connection to host my files with a download connection of 1MB and upload of 128Mb/256Mb ( I think its at the lower end).

The data.fp7 file contains 12 tables, and each table contains about 2,500 records. Everytime I open up say the clients TO in my interface file, I tend to do a sort on company_name field in ascending order. The company_name field is indexed, but the sort seems to take an absolute age on a remote computer connecting using WAN. I though with the advent of Server 8.0v3 + sorts were a server based task.

Anyone know how I can improve on the sorting script to get performance upto speed - I think the rest of the application is working at an acceptable speed, its just the sorts that seem to be taking an age. Im going to see if I can test on a faster speed connection to see if this makes a difference.

Many Thanks for your help.

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Well considering that you supposed WAN bandwidth is approximately 10% of a 10BT LAN, I'm not surprised that the sort is slow. Are subsequent sorts slow as well?

If the sort is done on an indexed field, it occurs at the server. But the results still have to go down to the client.


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This topic is 6459 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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